1. Rouxenator

    Vodacom Smart Grand VF696 sealed in box + protective case [S]

    Item name (be very descriptive): Vodacom Smart Grand sealed in box with a protective silicon case. Features : 5" FWVGA display | 3G HSPA | Micro SD slot | Android 5.1 | Quad Core CPU | GPS | Wi-Fi | Bluetooth | FM Radio | Dual cameras | LED Flash. Age and condition: Brand new Do you include...
  2. Rouxenator

    Vodacom Smart Grand 6 VF696 Review

    Managed to get my hands on two of these as part of Vodacom's back to school upgrade deals. The idea is to pass them on to my folks since they are current using a dying Galaxy S2 and Vodafone Smart 4 Mini. But a quick review seems like a good idea for now. The first thing you need to know...
  3. M

    The Super Cheap South African Moto E .. Kalahari's Gobii IIP !

    Hey Guys. So, I've started this thread just to get some general feedback and reviews on this newly released interesting looking phone that have started selling: It's called the Gobii...
  4. L

    Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) for PS3 & XBOX360 [S]

    Item name: Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) for PS3 & XBOX360 Age and condition: Brand new. Never Opened. Do you include packaging: Factory Sealed Retail Packaging Warranty: I'll provide warranty against Out of box failure Reason for selling: Unwanted gifts...