1. L

    Reactivation of a Canceled SIM!

    So I saw a few questions surfacing over the past month regarding what happens to our Afrihost Mobile SIM card when we cancel. Does the SIM become deactivated forever or does it remain active for eg. a certain period of time allowing us to easily reactivate and load data on it again without the...
  2. jes

    How to use Google Music outside of the US

    How to use Google Music outside of the US Upload and listen to your collection of tracks in Google Music even if you’re outside the US
  3. A

    General: Hacking in FPS Games

    If a thread like this one does exist I am sorry for duplicating but I could not find one. I thought it good to start a thread where we can post videos taken in FPS games of hackers or suspected hackers and then the community can make their own deductions from it. Below i have three videos of...