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  1. S

    Strange text on Band 6, and strange graphics on Health App

    Hi All.. Below are the 3 problems I am having with the Huawei Band 6, the watch after an update started displaying this strange text if you go into WORKOUT--WIDGETS---TRY and remove an activity, this strange test appears..Believed to be Russian... Then the Health App started displaying the...
  2. L

    Samsung Gear S3 on iPhone 6S Discovery health sync

    I have just inherited a brand new Samsung Gear S3 Frontier watch and I was keen to use it with my iPhone 6S for syncing health data with Discovery Vitality. Has anyone managed this? I have installed "Samsung Gear S" on the iPhone and it all connects and transfers the activities correctly. The...
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    SA health app answers questions about sex

    SA health app answers questions about sex How many of you asked your parents about contraception before you had sex for the first time?