1. Jan

    Cybercriminals broke into debit order processor and stole bank account details of several short-term insurance clients

    Bank account details stolen in major insurance hack in South Africa An attack on debit order collection company Qsure has impacted several South African insurers who use its services, including Hollard and Guardrisk. Australian security researcher Troy Hunt recently posted a notice from Ooba...
  2. EnderZaMan

    (Quote to written off claim) Naked Insurance Review, you asked for my experience, here it is.

    For those who don't know, Naked is backed/under-written by Hollard insurance. It is an App/AI based insurance company; it takes around 90 seconds to get quoted. (It seriously does) This was my first ever car, I was 19 at the stage of quoting, and it was a performance car. (Fiesta ST 2013) I...