iburst antenna poynting

  1. S

    iBurst Modem, Router and Poynting Antenna for sale

    I have the following for sale: iBurst Modem, model UTD-1785D-ZA-A (Kyocera, Desktop) iBurst Modem, model UTW1785D-ZA-A (Kyocera, WAN Modem with LAN interface) Poynting Directional Panel Antenna, model A-PANL-0010 Junction box for antenna to modem About 10m worth of cable Thinking...
  2. ginggs

    iBurst base station locations and BSCCs

    OK, let's see how well the MyBroadband iBurst community can work together. :p The aim of this thread is to put together a list of all the iBurst base stations, their locations and their BSCCs. You can use iBurst's network status page and Google Maps to locate towers, described in this...
  3. R

    External Antenna - Worth It?

    iBurst reception in my area (Woodstock, Cape Town) has degraded a little bit in recent months. I also see that my area's reception is now classified as "Poor" on the coverage map, although just a few streets away (higher up) rates decently. I have the old grey desktop UTD and get a stable...