icasa ineptitude

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    Neotel expects more

    Source: http://www.thetimes.co.za/News/Article.aspx?id=827505
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    ICASA could hamper expansion

    There are few, if any, telecoms regulatory regimes that are perfect in terms of independence, accountability, transparency etc. However, whatever some of these first world regulatory regimes may be lacking, they still work. ICASA barely works. Full article...
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    "Bring me Paris Mashile's head..."

    "....And the heads of all those who have helped to create a laughing stock out of the entire South African telecommunications industry." A love letter from Paul Vecchiatto. I think MyADSL as a whole would add their voice to Paul's...
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    ADSL regulations: Telkom (and apparantly ICASA) vs Everybody Else - Who is right?

    This post will simply try to explain why there is disagreement on the interpretation of the ADSL regulations, and how this confusion has come about. I think it's important enough to warrant a new thread so that we become better educated in these matters. Firstly, is there a difference between...
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    Why the Minister has got to go

    I wanted to post the link to this article that I wrote on MyADSL, but I didn't want to look like I was plugging the Antitrust site. It's more important to me that people read this than the site getting hits. So I have reproduced it in whole. See, now you don't even have to go off site! A lot...