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    Best Cortisone for Keloids.

    I had a very bad accident, tore my upper lip. now its all healed well, but keloids have formed and its thick tissue any help on who is the best dermatologist... because i was told that a plastic surgeon in Chatsworth , administers UK Imported cortisone and each injection is R1000:sick: ...
  2. LazyLion

    The Chiyabu Hummer Driver Case

    The case against a Hummer driver found guilty of culpable homicide after crashing into three motorcyclists, killing two and injuring one, was postponed in the Pretoria North Regional Court on Thursday. Magistrate Ben van Schalkwyk postponed the matter until April 22 following a request by...
  3. LazyLion

    Two Rangers Injured by Rhino in KZN Park

    Two men are in a serious condition after they were gored by three black rhinos in a KwaZulu-Natal game park on Thursday, paramedics said. It happened in the Hluhluwe area in northern KwaZulu-Natal, said Netcare 911 spokesman Chris Botha. Ezemvelo Wildlife spokesman Musa Mntambo said the...
  4. LazyLion

    Pretoria Fire Engine Overturns

    A fire engine overturned in Pretoria on Wednesday while responding to an accident scene, the Tshwane emergency services said. Spokesman Johan Pieterse said the driver lost control as it was raining in the city in the afternoon. "One of the fireman was trapped underneath the vehicle. He was...