internet control

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    Parental control

    Not sure if this is the correct place to post. Looking for the best parental control options for teenagers on Windows 10 laptop. Have setup Open dns family (is this hackable and if so could I get notified?) Any other suggestions please. Include free options as well as paid. Also any blocks...
  2. jes

    EU lawmakers seek to limit use of data by internet companies

    EU lawmakers seek to limit use of data by internet companies Internet companies such as Facebook and Google may have to get more permission to use information if EU lawmakers have their way
  3. J

    Internet debate gets heated

    Internet governance talks heat up Opposing camps dig in on the talks regarding Internet governance
  4. J

    Internet governance talks reach a pivotal point

    Internet talks hit a critical point The internet governance talks are in jeopardy as the Arab states and Russia ally against the US and other Western countries
  5. J

    Debate over Internet control set to dominate global summit

    Internet debate to dominate global summit A global summit taking place in Dubai next week will see the debate over internet governance and control in the limelight
  6. J

    Google debates the future of the internet

    Google enters internet control debate Google is participating in the debate regarding the regulations and future of internet control
  7. J

    United Nations could gain control of the internet

    Internet showdown begins The UN agency meeting is set to propose alternative telecom rules which could give the UN control over the internet