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    Orange Grove (011) 485 xxxx

    According to mweb's network status notices page: Outage Num:12109 Telkom ADSL outage affecting Orange Grove ( 011 - 485, 640 ) Telkom ADSL services in the following area may be Inaccessible : Orange Grove ( 011 - 485, 640 ) Start Date:2012-04-23 14:34:09 End Date: Status:Open Now I can confirm...
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    Nashua R139.00 "Deal"

    Just a heads up for anyone considering signing a 12 month contract with Nashua, in exchange for the Billion router, the router is "locked" to nashua - you wont be able to authenticate with any other ISP. If you require additional bandwidth you will be paying Nashua R95.00 / Gig for shaped...