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    I owe a someone R12 500.00 which he is now filing for a lawsuit.

    Hi everyone! A month ago, a business associate gave me R5000.00 and I promised him to return it to him as R10 000.00 beginning of January, now we signed a contract and then it stipulated that I will pay R2500 extra if the money comes in later than 10 days. So the contract also stated that...
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    Assault Charge - I need help guys.

    Okay so Saturday last week my Lenovo yoga tablet was stolen out of one of the school computer rooms (i am a university student by the way). All evidence seemed to point towards one guy who was the only guy seen in that area the next day i caught up with the guy whence an interrogation ensued...
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    “Patent trolls” dominate patent lawsuits

    Patent lawsuits dominated by “trolls” Patent lawsuits have become common-place among companies who don’t actually develop anything, according to a study by a California law professor
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    Google/Motorola VS Apple Could not find any news on this anywhere on the site and I'm surprised that everyone missed this.