liquid cooling

  1. Xander8807

    Thermaltake Liquid and Concentrate Die (Value of >2k)

    Item: Listed Below Age: Just over month Price: Bundle Price |NEW| R800 R700 R500 R400 Payment Method Accepted: Cash, eft, Discovery bank Warranty: not sure, but will give 7 Days personal on me. Packaging: Most Sealed, but can box it up. Condition: 1 Month | New Location: Boksburg Reason: Do not...
  2. K

    Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240L

    Item: Cooler master masterliquid-ml240l-rgb Age: New Price: R900 Warranty: 1 Year Packaging: Orginal Condition: New Location: Fourways Reason: Have left over stock Shipping: Yes on the buyer Collection: Yes Link: Cooler Link
  3. PhreeMe

    Liquid Cooling Chassis

    Hey All Im looking at buying a chassis with built-in liquid cooling - namely the Thermaltake Kandalf - but have a few questions.... 1) Is there any any other chassis which may be better for the same price point?? (R4500) 2) Is it difficult to set up? Read something about needing to...