1. Chiller89

    2008 VW Golf CitiStorm - Low Mileage

    Make/Brand: VW Citi Storm (Golf Mk1) Color: Blue Year: 2008 Odometer reading: +-80900km Warranty: None Service history: Serviced regularly the entire time I have had it, +- every 10000km. I have proof of the last service done. Condition: Excellent Condition Extras: Alarm, Central Locking...
  2. D

    How much value is behind Low KM's on a used car?

    I ask this (How much value is behind Low KM's on a used car?) because Im about to buy a used car, 2010 Polo 1.6 comfort line, 96 000KM. Since my first car I have always ached and worried: "Oh, do I really need to drive my car today, it will just add on unneeded KM's, thus devaluing my car"...
  3. NeonNinja

    2G only MTN network? WTF?

    So for the past hours I've only been able to attain 2G/EDGE on the MTN network. Smartphone, 3G tablet both halt on "E". Afrihost Mobile's sim is limited to 2G only. I've interchanged the sims throughout the devices. Area: Port Elizabeth, Walmer, 10th Avenue. Anyone else experiencing...