lte modem

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    LTE Sim in LTE-A Router - Speed Increase?

    Hi Guys, After a long struggle, i finally managed to get my Telkom Uncapped LTE package. Now to my knowledge, i should be correct.... I think Hahaha If i take my sim card i received and I buy a new Wireless router that has LTE-A capabilities, Would i not get LTE-A Speeds? As in my...
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    BiPAC 6300NX(L) Broadband Wireless Router

    I subscribe to iBurst and also use an MTN LTE modem when I'm out of the office. I now bought a BiPAC 6300NX(L) Fibre/4G LTE/Cable Gigabit Wireless-N (VPN) Broadband Router to use for both connections in a wireless mode. I got the iBurst connection to work but not the LTE modem. The user guide...