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    Process of marrying a Namibian citizen and aquiring Temporary Residence / Spousal Visa

    Hi, My fiance is a Namibian citizen and we plan on getting married at Home Affairs, or through a Marriage officer and then applying for a Temporary Residence / Spousal visa. Does anyone know the process or possibly went through this themselves? Some of my current concerns/questions include...
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    Marriage certificate process ...

    I know the couple gets the marriage certificate on the the night /day of their wedding but does the pastor have to take it into Home affairs or can the couple ?
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    Acquiring Unabridged Birth & Marriage Certificates

    I was wondering if anyone can perhaps help me with some advice. I am busy with an application for a German Passport and for this I need a whole lot of Unabridged Birth as well as Marriage Certificates of myself up until my Great Grandfather. I live in Pretoria, anyone know of the best way...
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    ID Card and Marriage Certificate

    Hi Everyone, we have been married for 7 months now already. According to home affairs we are married and my surname did indeed change. Now the issue is, i have to get a new ID Card. But i don't have a marriage certificate. I went to the Home Affairs in Centurion that say i need to original one...