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    Looking to rent space on mast towers around Tshwane

    Hi, we are looking to rent space a mast towers around Tshwane, for a wireless network. We tried calling ATC South Africa, however customer care is seem like they don't even know that they suppose to rent put space. Called Vodacom, they too don't have clear answer. We are looking...
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    Cellphone mast on private property. Going rates in SA?

    Got a company ring my doorbell and asked if I was interested to put a 'transmission' mast (on roof or a 15 M pole on corner of property)on my property for a cellphone provider. They were hired to find suitable locations. It seems that a Chinese company is doing the installations, ZTE Corp. I...
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    Sectional Mast

    Hey Guys I am looking for 2 sectional masts. One at least 9 or 12 meters and one at least 15 meters. Let me know if you guys have any and at what price. also please include a picture of some sort so I can see what they look like. I am in Port Elizabeth but I can come and fetch...