mechanical engineering

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    What remuneration to expect Mechanical engineering Technican (National Diploma)

    Greetings, I am to complete my inservice training and graduate next year and i was wondering roughly what one could expect remuneration wise for a first job as a mechanical engineering technician.
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    National diploma conversion to BSc(eng) or Beng.

    Hey there I'm currently a student at Cput completing my diploma in mechanical engineering. What I would like to find out is has anybody on the forum ever successfully completed ND and converted to BEng or Bsc ? and how would this affect job prospects as you have both technical and...
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    Mechanical Engineering Guidance Needed

    STUDYING ENGINEERING AT WITS VS. ENGINEERING AT TUKS, PROS AND CONS, GUIDANCE NEEDED Hi. Ive just registered to study mechanical engineering at WITS, im about to begin my first year in 2 weeks. Ive met a few other Wits students who made me doubt my decision alot.. i was told that majority of...