1. M

    Man says metal cup removed from anus was put there by muggers

    Man says metal cup removed from anus was put there by muggers
  2. RazedInBlack

    MGS V: Ground Zeroes . . . The Phantom Pain

    So whos playing Ground Zeroes? Is it worth buying? I'm a big MGS fan so I'm seriously thinking of getting Ground Zeroes and Hedio Kojima never dissapoints.
  3. B

    \M/ METAL \M/

    I was going to call this thread "Gothic Metal" but I feel I would be grossly defining this genre amongst a lot of R&B folk :whistle: Anyway Lets smoke some Finnish **** ;)
  4. F

    The METAL Thread

    Why is there no metal thread? There should be. So this is it. Discuss your favourite bands / artists / albums / songs, post videos and let's just have a headbanging ball! :D
  5. MickeyD

    6kg metallic ball drops from the sky in Namibia

    Someone up there has a beeeeeg BB Gun! :twisted: Probably space junk... <dons tinfoil hat> wayne: they're here!!!! Sauce
  6. M


    so who's going to Motherfudd???
  7. S

    are you in a metal band?

    Check out this awesome competition that was recently launched by South Africa's loudest website. Headbang Today
  8. S

    Exclusive Interview With Juggernaught

    Allright all you rock heads! We've just had an exclusive interview with Juggernaught about whiskey, celebrities with AIDS and their latest album "Act Of Goat"!. Headbang Today
  9. S

    Headbang Today

    Hello Headbangers, non-headbangers and potential headbangers! We've launced an all-out South African Hard Rock and Metal site where we expose, feature, review and interview the local (and often international) twisted talent. We've interviewed a number of bands over the past couple of months...
  10. S


    Hello. I am the owner of I have joined to make all you earthly souls aware of it's existence as well as the latest happenings in the South African metal and hard rock industry.
  11. Praeses

    Bloemfontein Metal Band: Semyazah

    The purpose of this thread is to get some feedback on a new metal band born here in Bloem, Semyazah. They have some sample songs from their newly recorded album in the above MySpace page. The quality is a bit low for streaming related reasons, the CD...
  12. M

    Doctors pull screws, nails from metal-eating man

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