1. RazedInBlack

    MGS V: Ground Zeroes . . . The Phantom Pain

    So whos playing Ground Zeroes? Is it worth buying? I'm a big MGS fan so I'm seriously thinking of getting Ground Zeroes and Hedio Kojima never dissapoints.
  2. B

    \M/ METAL \M/

    I was going to call this thread "Gothic Metal" but I feel I would be grossly defining this genre amongst a lot of R&B folk :whistle: Anyway Lets smoke some Finnish **** ;)
  3. F

    The METAL Thread

    Why is there no metal thread? There should be. So this is it. Discuss your favourite bands / artists / albums / songs, post videos and let's just have a headbanging ball! :D
  4. M

    Scientist creates lifelike cells out of metal

  5. MickeyD

    6kg metallic ball drops from the sky in Namibia

    Someone up there has a beeeeeg BB Gun! :twisted: Probably space junk... <dons tinfoil hat> wayne: they're here!!!! Sauce
  6. CrzWaco

    Anybody listen to Gothic Metal/Rock

    So does anybody?
  7. Praeses

    Bloemfontein Metal Band: Semyazah

    The purpose of this thread is to get some feedback on a new metal band born here in Bloem, Semyazah. They have some sample songs from their newly recorded album in the above MySpace page. The quality is a bit low for streaming related reasons, the CD...