mi box

  1. Z

    Xiaomi MI Box Official Android TV Box CRAZY SALE!!!

    This special is crazy low. I have never seen it drop below $60. Normal price is $64.99 or so which makes this deal insane. For everybody who wants DSTV Now on a TV box, this is the best way and option. Xiaomi Mi Box NOW: $55.99. Coupon: Flash Sale (Starts at 18:00 on 15.06.2018) NOW: R728.00...
  2. Sumen

    Xiaomi Mi Box / Mi Box S [Android TV OS]

    Product Link - https://www.mi.com/global/mi-box-s/ Information Specs: Where to Buy: Local - Mia Africa SA( official distributor) (Mi Box S) - https://mia.africa.com/za/mi-tv-box-s Incredible Connection - https://www.incredible.co.za/xiaomi-mi-tv-box CyberRange -...
  3. D

    (S) Xiaomi Mi Box (Android TV version, Chromecast built in)

    Item name (be very descriptive): Xiaomi Mi Box (Android TV version, Chromecast built in) Age and condition: Brand new, box is still sealed Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: No Reason for selling: Imported a couple for friends & family, this one ended up as a spare Price: R1500...
  4. S

    Minix neo u1 vs Mi Box

    Hi I am looking to add android tv to my entertainment center. I found that The Mi box and the Minix neo u1 looks like the best under R2000 I am know most of their specs but want to know more about the interface? Which would you buy or which have you bought? or is there a better one I am...