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    Online Marketing Case Study Ideas ?

    Hello I'm starting a new website which is solely based on online marketing which is aimed to look in depth of how to market online and how to utilize the Internet to expand your ventures online. And I'm conducting research to discover exactly what people want to know about Internet/Online...
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    Opportunities For Online Marketing Start Ups.

    Are there opportunities for an online marketing start-ups in South Africa?
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    Online marketing Specialist (Junior position) , Pretoria, R7 000 to R12 000

    Online Marketing Specialist (Junior) Offices in Pretoria Permanent Position Our client is seeking an Online Marketing Specialist with a minimum of one year experience in digital marketing and SEO. Responsibilities Keyword research Optimize copy and landing pages for search engine...
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    Website Inspiration vs Plagirism

    My first ever MyBB thread. Apologies if this has been discussed before but wanted a more specific discussion to our case by the MyBB community. Our company is in a very saturated market in South Africa, we do online presence and marketing solutions for businesses formed in 2009 (we all know...
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    Facebook shows companies what you like

    Facebook lets companies see your “likes” Facebook is reportedly allowing certain companies to view what users have “liked” on the network.