open office

  1. N

    Open Office 3.4 Spreadsheet

    Hi How do I enable Macros in Open Office 3.4 (on Mac) :confused: Any help please
  2. W

    LibreOffice and donation of OpenOffice

    Hi What do you guys think about the future of the LibreOffice productivity suite as compared to the established MS Office? While periodically I did try, I could never really give MS Word up. In all various jobs that I held through the years, MS Word always had certain functionalities that the...
  3. LazyLion

    Sites for Completely Free and Legal Software!

    Sites for Completely Free and Legal Software! This thread is specifically for Freeware and Open Source Software. (No Warez, Cracks, Serialz or links to copyrighted software please!) CD & DVD Burning, Discs and Disk Images Image Manipulation, Drawing and Photo Editing Office Suites, Accounting...