1. Jan

    ZADNA release draft Registry and Registrar regulations - public comments open

    Proposed new rules for South Africa's Internet domains The .ZA Domain Name Authority (Zadna) has published draft regulations for South Africa’s registry operators and registrars that offer .ZA domains. Registry operators manage domain name registrations and provide services needed for those...
  2. Kevin Lancaster

    SA domain names: vs,,

    SA domain names: vs,, There are currently close to one million .za domain names, with domains accounting for the majority
  3. H domain transfer from MWeb - Really need advice

    Hola, I'm trying to transfer an domain name away from MWeb's DNS servers, and move it to a free server which I can point to Google services (it's for an NGO who are trying to cut costs until international funding increases and they can move to a full featured CMS system). However...