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    SARS - The 183-day / 60 Continuous Day Test

    Hi Just a quick question. I've googled this question numerous times without success. I know there are a lot of factors involved, but can someone just clarify the following for me please? As a simplified example - say a person was continuously working outside of SA for 7 months (±210 days)...
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    Deductions for PAYE

    Is it possible for the employer to deduct (hugely) different amounts of PAYE from employees even though their salaries stay the same.For instance, can an employer some times not deduct at all and then make up for the deficit by deducting more another month. Basically the employer deducts...
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    Should a Sole Proprietor Register his employees for PAYE at SARS?

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me. I work for a sole proprietorship, we are 4 employees in total. Some earn over the threshold when you become liable to pay tax. The employer does not deduct tax from anyone's salaries and hasn't registered his employees for PAYE, it seems. SARS...
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    Tax Avoidance?

    Hi, I am currently employed as a contractor. This month we received an email stating that we would received a travel allowance starting in August. Today I received my payslip for August and noticed that an amount was deducted from my Salary and added as a 'Travel Allowance'. Even though...
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    Starting a small business - PAYE vs VAT vendor

    Hi All, Gonna be starting a small business soon (whilst working a 'normal' full time PAYE day job for a company). Income expected to only be a few thousand if not a few hundred a month. Big growth is possible, but hard to tell right now. My Q is, should I just submit the additional income...
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    Start-up business- Accountant or no accountant?

    At the risk of sounding like a money-grabbing nuisance, this is my opinion: I noticed on this forum, that many first-time entrepreneurs ask if they need an accountant when starting up a business. Anybody can register a company at CIPC, or register for taxes at SARS, etc. Doing the...
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    Does a small company have to register for PAYE if the only employee is the owner ?

    Does a Small Company (Operating from home), with no employees (except the owner), have to register for PAYE. The owner takes home less than (R40K pa) - far below the Tax Threshold for him to pay tax. Would the company still need to register for PAYE ?
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    SARS Employer Filing Season commences tomorrow

    The SARS Employer Filing season commences tomorrow, 01 April 2010. There are a number of changes in the submissions processes as well as layouts that business owners, Payroll Administrators, Financial Managers need to come to grips with before submitting to SARS. Notes: 1. Only submit your...