1. antowan

    Mozilla Thunderbird blank print preview error and one way to fix it

    If you use Mozilla Thunderbird and you get blank print previews for emails and obviously blank printout of sometimes many pages with nothing at all on them, here is how I fixed a client computer via the Thunderbird CONFIG EDITOR Click on TOOLS >> OPTIONS >> ADVANCED >> GENERAL >> CONFIG...
  2. C

    Printing over the LAN

    Working on a new Telkom FTTH installation with a Huawei broadband router, Internet connection works *fine*. Printer, PCs and phones connect to the WiFi *fine*. Phones can print to the printer using AirPrint - which works direct to the printer. BUT wirelessly connected PCs can't print...
  3. d0b33

    Online Print Shops

    I'm looking to print a few business cards and brochures, I would like to do this online rather than visit a print shop. So far I've found and are they any good? any other online print shops I should consider?