1. D

    Cryptoming Card

    Hello good people, I come to you once again in need of your boundless knowledge and bountiful help. I have been tasked with finding out if a Nvidia Quadro FX1800 Card would be any good at crypto mining, it will be used to mine the Monero cryptocurrency but before the card is purchased I was...
  2. i.got~issues

    Quadro K2200 Card

    Hey hey Anyone carry any stock of Quadro K2200, or up, cards without a 7 to 14 working day delivery lead time? New preferably, but nicely priced used could be tempting. Am based in Cape Town Southern suburbs. Thanks.
  3. R

    CAD Laptop Advice

    Hi Guys! yes this is my second post in about a yr! Im in a dilemma a the moment. im a desktop fundi, but now i need a laptop. ive always despised them laptops an now im gonna have to eat my pride. the thing is, i know close to nothing about laptops when in comes to price vs performance and...