1. Mjc65

    Personal/Work Endpoint Security

    What is everyone using and why? free or paid?
  2. Sirius

    EternalBlue exploit running wild

    Well well, those bag of tricks are now being used. Patch those darn Windows boxes! https://goo.gl/8z8tBB
  3. D

    Global Ransomware Attack: 5 Things To Know

    The majority of the attacks targeted Russia, Ukraine and Taiwan. But the National Health Service in the United Kingdom and global firms such as Fedex also reported they had come under assault Friday. Experts suggested Saturday that the ransomware's progress had been halted, but new attacks could...
  4. O

    Ransomware variant .bbbb

    Hello I am wondering if any one has come across the variant of ransom ware with extension .bbbb If so was it cleanable or what steps where taken to deal with this? Currently cleaned up a machine with this variant, files are a loss cause. Though does not seem to be much information...