1. LazyLion

    Man jailed for Eleven years for Trespassing

    A man was sentenced to 11 years imprisonment by the Nelspruit Regional Court on Thursday for trespassing and carrying out a restricted activity in the Kruger National Park. Abel Mfana Mashabane, 26, from Phalaborwa, pleaded guilty to charges of trespassing in a designated area, after he and...
  2. LazyLion

    Hawks nab alleged rhino poachers

    http://mg.co.za/article/2012-11-11-hawks-nab-alleged-rhino-poachers Great News! We can only hope that the poacher died slowly and regretted his crap life for a few minutes before he finally bled out in the dust like a hunted animal! :D
  3. LazyLion

    Security firms adopt military tactics to fight rhino poachers

    http://edition.cnn.com/2010/WORLD/africa/08/26/rhino.poaching/#fbid=YoVxzW6D3br&wom=false Good! I hope they put some bullets in those b*st*rds! :mad: