1. Johnatan56

    Summarize: How can we improve MyBroadband?

    A summary of what's in the feedback thread. Summary: "Stop with the clickbait and propaganda articles." "Give upvotes/downvotes a trial run in the forums. For posts and/or threads." (thanks for post) "Links to sites mentioned in the articles." "proper opinion, less reposts" "Try to have less...
  2. Johnatan56

    Dear RPM

    Hi rpm, There are two things I would like to ask of you, Firstly, may I ask why you have chosen to disallow members posting within the IT Jobs section of the site. The main reason I have come to gather is that a job "recruiter" was called out on lousy job posts and then complained to you...
  3. J

    Linux System Administrator and 3rd Line Support - CPT 25-40 CTC

    Technology Solutions Company looking for a professional individual with the right attitude and ambition for a position at a large retailer. Expected output: Become part of the team at a tier 1 retail organisation. Responsible for administering and enhancing the Nagios implementation...
  4. NeonNinja

    How much time does RPM spend on MyBroadband?

    24/7? What a great site. We owe him a debt of gratitude for 99% up-time.
  5. Brewmaster

    rpm on Y-FM

    lol did anyone else catch rpm on yfm this morning? that was quite surprising :) he was telling them that soweto is the place in joburg with the fastest broadband, fyi influx of joburg youth imminent?
  6. S

    Happy Birthday to rpm!

    And to everyone else on the list celebrating a birthday today! # rpm # techchallenged # Anton-AHA (39) # MOLEMO (24) # Archie1 (20) Thanks to rpm for this forum that informs, incites and sparks debate. Thanks for all your hard work Rudolph and may Cara spoil you rotten - pics or it...
  7. T

    MyBB's shop is down

    http://shopping.mybroadband.co.za/ <--- Not working :(
  8. S

    Inventor of Mybroadband.co.za

    Hi ppl Just wanted to know who was the person who came up with this site. I think its a brilliant site that includes everything i want to know and not just about computers :o:):p:D
  9. L


    Dear rpm We are holding your mother-in-law hostage If you do not add this avatar to the list: Then we shall be releasing her withing the next 2 hours.