samsung 55" tv

  1. Puk

    Do not trust FNB Smart Devices / FNB Connect

    Hi mybroadband, Like the subject, if you're thinking about ordering anything through FNB Connect (FNB Smart Devices) - think twice. I ordered a Samsung 55" TV from them about a month ago. It arrived three days later than the date we had agreed up - meaning I ended up taking two days off of...
  2. M

    Which UHD TV to buy (Samsung 50" - 50MU7000)

    Hi all, I am looking at buying a new TV, preferably an Samsung UHD 50" / 55". I currently own a 40" FHD Samsung 5 series. I recently bought the Samsung 55" - 55MU7000 (see link below *1) from Game on special and had to exchange it three times due to edge bleeding. It was really bad, see...