shabir madhi

  1. Jan

    Instigating people to break lockdown rules is now a criminal offence

    It is now a criminal offence to instigate people to break lockdown rules in South Africa A new criminal offence has been added to South Africa’s disaster management regulations for Covid-19, making it illegal to incite people to break the regulations. Minister of Cooperative Governance and...
  2. Jan

    "All indications" that Delta variant is causing Gauteng's surge in cases - Madhi

    Deadlier coronavirus variant ravaging Gauteng A deadlier, more transmissible variant of the coronavirus first detected in India is the likeliest explanation for the current surge in Covid-19 cases and hospitalisations in Gauteng. This is according to Professor Shabir Madhi, director of the...
  3. Jan

    Experts calls for immediate level 5 hard lockdown for Gauteng, MAC and SAMA disagree

    Level 5 hard lockdown for Gauteng called for The government is considering a move to a higher lockdown level in South Africa, with some experts calling for a hard lockdown in Gauteng. Business Day reported that Gauteng’s provincial command council is meeting today to discuss the possibility of...
  4. Jan

    Gauteng is in a Covid-19 crisis

    Covid crisis in Gauteng Gauteng is experiencing a Covid-19 crisis with a record number of new cases, hospitals running beyond 100% capacity, and a shortage of staff to care for patients. Yesterday, Gauteng reported 8,640 new Covid-19 cases, the second day in a row the province breached the...
  5. Chris

    Third wave of COVID-19 is on the way - vaccinations won't be on time

    Third wave of COVID-19 is on the way - vaccinations won't be on time A third wave of COVID-19 is expected to hit South Africa soon, and government's vaccination programme is unlikely to beat it in time. This is according to Stellenbosch University virologist Professor Wolfgang Preiser, who was...