1. C

    Medical aid plans - whats the on the ground answers

    Hello Guys. need some advice. looking for a cheap medical aid, hospital plan only. the problem with brokers is that they only sell you what they want and do not give you a full range of what is out there. i consider myself healthy in that i dont have any sickness and major illness. just...
  2. C

    Nanny is HIV+

    We have just hired a new nanny (since 1 Sep 2014) to look after our 3 month old baby full time in our house. She got sick and landed in hospital last Sunday (Still there) and yesterday we found out she is HIV+ and has Spinal cord TB. She is very ill and we don't know how advanced she is or how...
  3. NeonNinja

    What's this and why? (sort of dizziness)

    Ok, it started yesterday; for 3 seconds I'll feel something in my head twitch, and then then I feel like falling, it happened maybe 10 times yesterday afternoon when I was with and walking with my gf. All of a sudden I get it, then balance myself not to fall, and then dizziness for a minute, and...
  4. NeonNinja

    What Could It Be? Symptoms

    I've already ruled myself as an individual who suffers from memory loss, other words I suffer from amnesia. I really really forget and can't recall names and recent happenings. This explains why I probably don't do well at school. Here they are: 1. Procrastination 2. (Severe) memory loss 3...