smartphone market

  1. jes

    BlackBerry, Symbian still lead SA smartphone market

    BlackBerry, Symbian still lead SA smartphone market Android and iOS have shown more growth than the established smartphone platforms
  2. J

    Samsung Galaxy S3 grabs number one spot

    Samsung Galaxy S3 grabs top spot Samsung’s Galaxy S3 smartphone has taken the number one position in the smartphone market, according to Strategy Analytics’ research
  3. J

    3 out of 4 smartphones are Android-powered

    Android powers 75% of smartphones worldwide Android smartphone shipments boom and continue to take “market share from the competition”
  4. J

    Huawei backing mobile phones for leading gadgets

    Huawei puts hopes in smartphone market Chinese tech company Huawei is setting its sights on the smartphone market, with goals of the company’s smartphones to lead the way for all products
  5. J

    Smartphones will find dominance in 2013

    Smartphones will take market dominance in 2013 Smartphones will make up 54 percent of the global handset market next year, according to a forcast
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    Smartphone market report shows race for third place

    Android and iOS still lead, third place a gamble Nielson has released a periodic report for the US smartphone market