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    Part time senior software engineer for hire - updated

    Ok guys, lots of views but no hits. I removed the hourly rate. I willing to negotiate on rate. I am trying to get a side gig going so I am flexible in that regard. Please contact me to have a discussion. I am sure I can provide great value. I'm a senior software engineer with 12+ years...
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    Software Architect 7+ Years Experience Freelancer

    Hi, Please see by online C.V.: :) Available for contract work, and am willing to setup monthly retainers should you need a more committed resource. PM me if you are interested! Primary languages JavaScript Erlang/Elixir C# Enterprise Bash Secondary...
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    Software Architect

    Overview Architects will have a range of responsibilities from shaping, implementing and leading delivery of strategic products to ensuring that Liberty stays on the leading edge of technology Our architects contribute across the technology stack, from database and DevOps infrastructure...