1. DhireshD

    Best Budget/ value for money 1/2" Torque wrench/spanner

    Hi All, I'm looking to purchase a Torque wrench to work on my car but I have no idea where to start. My budget is around R 1000 but I'm willing to spend a little more if needed. I'm looking for a 1/2" drive, something that's robust and will serve me for years to come. Any advice or opinions...
  2. P

    VW Polo Service Spanner

    Ok so we serviced our Polo a couple weeks ago and the guy who did it sent us to the VW dealership to get rid of the spanner that shows up telling you to get it serviced. We thought they used a whole computer thingy to turn it off but the guy just fiddled around with the key and the odometer...