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    Attention Helderberg ADSL Users (Somerset West, Gordon's Bay, Strand)

    Hey Guys, We are finally on the map, under consideration for VDSL 20/40 Mbps. This doesn't mean we will be getting it, but they are considering it. Brothers, Can I please ask for your hand in support? Simply go to the following link and let Telkom know you would like VDSL in your area...
  2. L

    Suitcase murder in the Cape

    Source: TimesLIVE Yeeeeeeesh..... :wtf: I wonder if it was the 25-year-old? If it was, I hope she rots :mad:
  3. J

    Hottentots-Holland WUG (Strand, S-West, Gbay, etc)

    Hi I'm busy with a site for the WUG, it will be . Would be nice if we can get a few people to get together and have a little meeting to discuss it. I can be mailed at info [at] or IRC #hhwug <- will add a page to the website soon...