super 15

  1. S

    Rugby streaming Service...this might be an option?

    Got this while Googling for streaming sport and I was wondering if you guys had any experience with this service?
  2. OrbitalDawn

    Official 2015 Super Rugby Thread

    Might as well start it. *********************** Our Superbru Pool. Come join my Super Rugby Predictor prediction game on SuperBru! It's free and loads of fun. Just click here: Pool name: Mybroadband Pool code: wellwits...
  3. PhreakBoy

    Can I watch the Super 15 on the DSTV Compact Bouquet?

    I see it only includes SS3 and SS4 and my limited knowledge tells me that the Super 15 would be screened on Mnet and SS1. Correct?
  4. APoc184

    2011 Super Rugby (Super 15) thread

    First match kicks off on 18 February with an all new format being used. If you do not understand the new format: READ HERE 2011 Fixtures
  5. C

    Melbourne Super 15 team failing.

    Firstly, I'd like to say: "Called it!", I knew that a rugby union team could never work in Melbourne.:wtf: News 24 Serves the convicts for trying to put a team in the AFL heartland. There are almost no rugby union fans in Melbourne. The only reason they were chosen was TV rights. The...