1. S

    One Good Thing to Come Out of Swaziland

    Bank charges for cash deposits scrapped in Swaziland, http://www.times.co.sz/news/107513-no-bank-charges-for-cash-deposits.html Of course I imagine banks will up other charges to make up for this loss of revenue
  2. Kevin Lancaster

    “SwaziLeaks” to expose ruling royals

    “SwaziLeaks” to expose ruling royals As WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange prepares to end a two-year forced stay at Ecuador’s London embassy, he may take comfort in knowing he inspired resistance to secrecy in places as far away as Swaziland
  3. S

    swazi.net port 25 filtering?

    Hi, I recently travelled to Swaziland and was unable to send mail via our internal server based back in SA. I was getting timeout errors. I access our smtp server on port 25. Does anyone know if Swaziland Telecom (swazi.net) implements any filtering on port 25? Thanks.
  4. LazyLion

    Swazi Activists Accuse SA

    A banned Swazi political party on Thursday accused South Africa's diplomatic mission of handing the names of activists over to the absolute monarchy's security services. The Communist Party of Swaziland said members attending a meeting with the South African high commissioner in Mbabane...
  5. H

    MTN Swaziland SMTP server adress

    Do anyone know what it is? I did try mail.mtn.co.sz and mail.mtn.co.za on port 25 but its not working and Swazi MTN customer services dont know what a smtp adress is. :(
  6. S

    Eswatini ADSL Broadband now available

    ADSL Home 1 Download(Kbps): 128 Upload(Kbps):64 Cap:2 GB Cost per month: E320 ADSL Home 1 Download(Kbps): 256 Upload(Kbps):64 Cap:3 GB Cost per month: E550 ADSL Business 1 Download(Kbps): 256 Upload(Kbps):128 Cap:6 GB Cost per month: E650 ADSL Business 2 Download(Kbps): 512...