teamspeak 3

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    Fiber vs ADSL Teamspeak/Battlefield4 Disconnects

    Good morning everyone. I have a peculiar issue that i hope someone can assist with. Over the past 2 weeks i have been trying to help out a friend in Kimberley but with no success. The problem as follow: He upgraded his 4Mbps ADSL line to 10Mbps Fiber (Provided by Telkom, ISP for both...
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    CDT Community

    Hi all :D CDT is looking to the community, any players are welcome even if you just starting out we will help you improve. Our main games are dota, LOL and we have been playing alot of GTA V.We do compete but at the same time we are a community so we take time of to enjoy other games to...
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    Teamspeak 3 - Do Gaming Server

    I keep getting disconnected from the server, with error:- Sometimes it can happen within 2min of connecting and other times I can stay connected for hours. Other time it connects and disconnects like crazy. This is getting quite frustrating and have tried to contact DoGaming support (but...