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    Doctors in India Remove 232 Teeth From Mouth Of Teenage Boy

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    Meet the fish with a person’s teeth

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    Cost of Invisalign & Lingual Braces- PLEASE ASSIST

    Has anyone had any first hand experience with Invisalign and/or the so-called "lingual" braces (the ones which are fitted on the inside of teeth and are invisible? I need more information about the costs of each product. I know they say you should check with the specialist as each case is...
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    Woman Awarded $2 Million After Dentist Mistakenly Pulls 13 Teeth

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    Man Swallows Nail Scissors While Using to Pick Teeth

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    Humans not the only creatures that floss

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    Man pulls out 13 of his own teeth with pliers because he couldn't find a dentist

    Brave or insane? Link
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    Boy, 11, bites pit bull to fend off attack

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