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    Tax-free savings: ETF choices

    I've started earning, and I want to max out my tax free savings. It's been suggested to me that in the long term (15+ years), an aggressive ETF is not a bad option. I'm not 100% sure where to start with ETFs though, some scanning on the forum shows some people recommending STXWDM and CTOP50...
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    TFSA for New Born Baby

    Hi guys, We had our first child this year and I would like to set up a Tax Free Savings Account for her. Disclaimer: I'm a total noob with investments. To me it sounds best to invest have the money work in some sort of index tracker. Maybe something like SATRIX Top 40. But with uncertain...
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    TFSA worth it or not

    Hi All, I am currently looking at whether or not i should start a TFSA. Is it worth or not? Can everyone give me the pros and cons based on your experience or knowledge? Thanks