1. PeninsulaNetworks

    Damaged Radio Tower

    Hi All, Who could I contact to try trace the owner of a radio tower close to Caledon that I see has sustained damage due to a snapped Guy Cable or 2. Serious hazard. Location of tower is: -34.146840° 19.302761° It is the tall narrow tower to the right of the cellular tower at the tree...
  2. L

    Looking to rent space on mast towers around Tshwane

    Hi, we are looking to rent space a mast towers around Tshwane, for a wireless network. We tried calling ATC South Africa, however customer care is seem like they don't even know that they suppose to rent put space. Called Vodacom, they too don't have clear answer. We are looking...
  3. B

    Vodacom Tower Installation Above my Apartment

    Hi all, I was hoping to get some advice from the community from those in the know regarding legalities of cellphone towers and their installation with proximity to people etc. I live in Pretoria and the rental company that owns the block of flats where I live has decided to go ahead and...
  4. T

    Does Cell Tower radiation pose a risk to our health?

    Hi All My son (Gr7) is doing a school science project and has decided on doing a project on Cell Tower Radiation and Related health risks. Quite a contentious issue currently. Could you please help by doing a quick survey (7 questions). I will make the stats...
  5. R

    8ta speed slower after moving 3G dongle to roof

    Previously I had my 8ta 3G dongle connected to a Tp-link router in my study. The modem was sitting in the window with a usb extension cable and I had a signal of -89 to -93. Speeds was ok at about 100-200 KB/s since according to the 8ta coverage map I am outside of the coverage area. I then...
  6. C

    Want to buy a new PC Tower Case

    I bought a new PC a while ago. I wanted something with a decent PC Tower Case. Something Cool (temperature Wise) USB 3 Points in the front Decent power supply Good Look So I got myself a XPredator. It’s made of mesh (on every side – except on the motherboard ‘s side it can breathe). Which...
  7. S

    Masts in Cape Town

    Hi Does anyone know of a good company (besides Mastech) to erect a mast in Cape Town? Pricing must be reasonable. Thanks
  8. jes

    Tokyo now boasts world's tallest broadcast tower

    Tokyo now boasts world's tallest broadcast tower Owners say a transmission tower in Tokyo has become the world's tallest free-standing broadcast structure.
  9. M

    Sectional Mast

    Hey Guys I am looking for 2 sectional masts. One at least 9 or 12 meters and one at least 15 meters. Let me know if you guys have any and at what price. also please include a picture of some sort so I can see what they look like. I am in Port Elizabeth but I can come and fetch...
  10. mercurial

    Big tower needed

    I currently have the Aerocool ExtremeEngine 3T, but it's too small. It's very cramped up in there and I struggle to find space to add extra hard drives etc... Any recommendations for a nice, big tower?
  11. LazyLion

    Owners drop Freedom Tower name for new WTC skyscraper I thought the name was the whole point... It was supposed to be a memorial... although One World Trade Center is still kinda in your face name!
  12. LazyLion

    Dubai already planning 1 Km tall tower to beat "Burj Dubai"
  13. mercurial

    The skyscraper that revolves once an hour