1. RedViking

    What I Love About My Town

    *This is not another hate thread or why you think a place is a dump. And mention a political party (negative), Race(ist), Corruption or Politics and you can help yourself to the door.* Tera's post on Jozi made me realise the place people stay and what they enjoy about it is a different...
  2. D

    Windolene on Tinted Windows

    Is the Clear windowlene safe to use on tinted windows of cars? and is Clear windowlene ammonia free? the clear windolene that is. Thanks!
  3. I

    Junior Desktop Engineer - ITAlliance, Cape Town

    IT Alliance is an Observatory based service provider to SME businesses in the Western Cape. Our support division is expanding and so we are looking for a Tier 1 (junior), Desktop Field Engineer to work predominantly in an onsite role. Reporting to the Support manager, you will be responsible...