1. S

    Totolink G300R 300Mbps 3G/4G Wireless N Router But will it work?

    Hello my informative friends :) I am looking at buying this router for myself and since I am going to be the only one using it I don't see why I need to buy an expensive brand also I have read alot of positive reviews on this (little guy) my question is as follows: -Will it work with my ZTE...
  2. Y

    Sale of end of line stock - 1700–2200MHz Panel Antennas - R250 Incl VAT

    Hi There I am writing from Poynting Antennas. We have some antennas that are old stock - that we are selling at below cost to MyBB readers. Our directional 1700–2200MHz panel antenna can be used with GSM1800 or UMTS2200 equipment, that MTN and Vodacom uses. It is an easy to install antenna...
  3. Ho3n3r

    Force UMTS on Huawei K3772 Modem - Possible?

    Short and simple: I have been using a cellphone as our 3G modem as on Vodacom it almost never picks up GPRS, never mind EDGE/GPRS. Now, with 8ta, I have been getting much better signal. Now I want to force the connection somehow to only use 3G, as I am doing on the cellphone. On the phone...
  4. Derrick

    UMTS - Universal Mobile Telecommunications System

    UMTS is the Western European name for the 3G WCDMA standard adopted as an evolutionary path by the GSM world. However, it utilises the radio spectrum in a fundamentally different manner than GSM. UMTS is based on DCMA technology and the GSM standard is based on TDMA technology. Source...
  5. T


    Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) is one of the third-generation (3G) mobile telecommunications technologies, which is also being developed into a 4G technology. The first deployment of the UMTS is the release99 (R99) architecture. It is specified by 3GPP and is part of the...
  6. R

    3G Lowest International Latency

    Hi there, Which 3g / HSDPA provider in South Africa has the lowest international latency? Would it be MTN or Vodacom? Thanks for your help, Richie