vehicle finance

  1. L

    What amount will the bank pay out if I buy a new car?

    I am very confused and absolutely exhausted. I am trying to get rid of my 2015 Geely GX2. It is a great first car, but since Geely is liquidated find parts, particularly the oil filter, is impossible. The car is worth+/- R70 000, the outstanding finance is +/- R109 000 but the settlement amount...
  2. J good are they?

    Hi Guys, Has anyone ever gotten a vehicle through these guys? is it really RENT TO OWN?!? do they have balloon payments? whats the catch?
  3. T

    Navigating car finance and avoiding dealer tactics?

    Having been taken for a ride when financing my current car a couple of years ago (dealer arranged the finance for me), I'm determined not to get taken for a ride this time around as I'm contemplating my next car (different dealership). Problem is, there's so little information out there on the...
  4. M

    Vehicle finance

    I bought a vehicle at dealership financed by Wesbank. Dealership add tracking device on contract, but it was never fitted. I querry after sometime and my personal account is credited by Wesbank. Recently I requested detailed statement and see the tracking device still being debited since...
  5. C

    Refinance vehicle to get rid of residual?

    I purchased a vehicle in April 2015 with a residual. At the time I thought I would trade my vehicle in in 3/4 years time so the residual would be fine. However, I would like to buy a house in the next few months. It will be wiser for me to pay off my car and put the extra money in my bond...
  6. lloydb

    Debt Review Car Finance

    Heya everybody! Happy New Year and all that :whistle: So, could anybody please tell me where I can get vehicle financing in Cape Town if I am under debt review? I have a R20k deposit for a vehicle and really not looking for that much finance. Thank you in advance :)
  7. N

    Vehicle Finance - No Job/Unearned Income

    Hello All, Basically this is my situation: I'm a college student and I don't work but I get an allowance from my dad wired to my bank account every month usually between 20-25k a month depending on my expense needs, this amount excludes my rent which I get every 3 months (because I pay it...
  8. L

    Vehicle Finance + Debt

    I need some suggestion/advice here.... I currently have R50k in debt and I want to buy a car for about R100k... is it possible to get a vehicle finance for R150k, buy a car for R100k and settle my debt with the R50k... or is there any alternatives in this regard. Eventually I'd like to settle...
  9. M

    n00b's guide to purchasing a vehicle

    Good day I'm thinking about buying a new car (well, second hand with low mileage new) and since I've never done so before, and noone I know seems to be willing to really talk about the subject and I'm too busy to actually go the the bank and deal with it now, only to find out that I possibly...