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    Dealer Stocked Vehicle Problem

    We have got a dealer stock nr for vehicles. I was under the impression that a dealer stock nr is exactly that, that if you register the vehicle under that nr it is automatically dealer stocked, but with a shock I found out that is not the case.... I ticked the wrong BLOCK. I am trying to sort...
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    Where do I renew my PrDP drivers licence?

    Hi Today went to the Rayton licencing department, was told that none of the Tshwane licencing departments can renew my PrDP at present, something about the fingerprint readers - could not understand the problem, but might be out of action for anything from 2 weeks till a month away. Asked...
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    Lost Registration/Log Book - Do I need it to sell my Vehicle?

    Hey guys I'm busy trying to sell my VW Polo and I've lost the original logbook/registration, all I have is the past 5 years worth of licence docs(the ones that come with the license disk). What I'm trying to find out is whether the license docs are sufficient for a buyer to register my car...