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    Warcraft III Online Gaming Sub Forum

    Hello, here you can post any queries relating to Warcraft III, patches and settings for the online gaming community.:D
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    Dota I (war3) - Dota ToolKit

    Does anyonewho plays dota use Dota ToolKit by Crisgon (http://www.playdota.com/forums/showthread.php?t=242897)? I can't get it to work properly. 1) Can't seem to apply the "6.74 patch.exe" gives and error Can't apply patch File D:\...\DotaToolKit v3.3c\Target\DotA v6.74.w3x: different CRC32...
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    Help with Warcraft 3 Installation (Multiplayer)

    Hi everyone. I aquired the 'Program Files' folder from my friend. It includes Warcraft 3 and the Frozen Throne. I put it in the following directory C:\Program Files\Blizzard Entertainment\Warcraft III. I then applied the 1.22 patch and installed w3l.exe and w3l.dll into the above folder. I...