water damage

  1. V

    Sony Xperia Z1 Compact water trouble

    My Xperia recently fell into a body of water and has experienced side effects afterwards. Firstly the phone became laggy (which resolved after a while) and the speaker quality was poor when playing audio through it. The latest side effect is that people on the other side of phone conversations...
  2. xrapidx

    Phone in for repairs - quoted ~R2400, water damage - on IP67 certified phone.

    EDIT: Vodacom have accepted doing it under warranty. Well this is rather rich. Finally had change to drop off my phone (Samsing S7710) at Vodacom - it stopped charging a week or two back. Got a call this morning quoting ~R2,400 for repairs - reason its not covered by warranty is corrosion...
  3. J

    Sudden Death Syndrome on Galaxy S3

    So my phone is 13 months old and there it goes in the afternoon just dead. I thought okay, maybe I should try a different battery. And I did, but the phone wouldn't come on. It also didn't charge. When I searched about this I could find out as lot of S3's just died from some sort of defective...
  4. Rouxenator

    Vodacom won't fix my phone : liquid damage

    To be fair the phone was in the washing machine for a full wash cycle. Although I did disassemble it completely and left it in the sun to dry for two days. Guess they are very good at detecting water damage, the question is just how do they do it?