1. Z

    (new) Ark: Survival Evolved ZA server

    Howzit guys? After playing on three different servers where admins spawned stuff in for themselves and were being cocky.... I decided that I'll just start my own server. That's the logical thing to do, right? :erm: Anyhows, the server is called [ZA]Toxic Gaming. We're currently only...
  2. M

    Free and Open Source Software(FOSS) for Jobs

    I believe government can create more jobs by utilizing FOSS instead of off the shelf ready software. Graduates will be employed to improve the existing FOSS and learn hard core development skills at the same time. Commercial software are expensive and they do not give money to our country but to...
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    ZA Cloud Standing

    So I wanted to start a thread based on cloud services. Be it [SPI]AAS services or even the general VPS service--granted not many view VPS as "CLOUD". I will take the time to list all the ISP's I came across and hopefully we can get a thread going based on FACT and EXPERIENCES had with the given...