ICASA to revisit ADSL regulations, may address ADSL pricing

ICASA’s recent release of the ADSL Regulations has caused an uproar in the industry as various stakeholders scrabbled around to find answers as to what exactly the regulations require and establish whether it is really implementable by ISPs.

For many concerned ISPs and consumers the uncertainty associated with ICASA’s ADSL regulations has created a great deal of confusion which is not good for this sector. It seems that the Regulator is cognizant of this confusion and is in the process of revisiting the ADSL regulations.

Tracy Cohen, an ICASA councilor, urged interested stakeholders to approach the Authority with their concerns regarding the regulations and suggestions as to what should be done to improve on the current situation.

She stated that ICASA are due to take another look at the ADSL regulations within the next two weeks and urged interested parties to contact ICASA and copy it to the Department of Communication (DoC) by fax, email and/or letters.

Cohen added that a re-look at the pricing of ADSL was not unforeseeable in the near future.

An ISPA member also asked why ICASA did not clear up the regulatory confusion that is currently paralyzing the market. Cohen responded that at the moment ICASA was facing huge staffing issues, but is taking note of this issue and that ICASA become more pro-active in future.

“If one has all the resources available ICASA can become a more proactive regulator, but we are stemming a massive loss of staff. We are also building for the new regulatory regime that we need to implement,” said Cohen.

But the councilor added that despite the Authority’s issues with staffing people should continue to approach them with their concerns. Cohen said that ICASA will do their best to respond in matters where there are grey areas and where clarification is needed.

The helpless inertia created by the ADSL regulations could have serious financial implications for many ISPs who are unable to plan for the future while it all looks so murky.

All eyes will be on ICASA to shed some light on this matter.

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ICASA to revisit ADSL regulations, may address ADSL pricing