ADSL problems on MWEB affect all ISPs

A number of MWEB subscribers have reported problems with their ADSL connections recently, complaining on Facebook, Twitter, and the MyBroadband forums about slow speeds.

CEO of the ISP Derek Hershaw was asked about the reported problems, and said there is no specific issue on their network causing trouble for subscribers.

“At this time of the year we see an increase in support queries. It’s a seasonal thing and the wet weather seems to play a role in some parts of the country,” said Hershaw.

Hershaw said that Telkom deals with a significant increase in line related call-outs over this period, too.

He said this results in people having to wait longer to get faults fixed.

“We keep an eye on the [threads in the MyBroadband forum] and it looks like the other ISPs are in the same boat.”

To ensure MWEB has enough bandwidth on the network to continue to serve its subscribers, Hershaw said they increase their capacity every month.

This includes wholesale DSL capacity (IP Connect from Telkom), national backhaul capacity, and international backhaul capacity.

“Part of that is to cater for new subscriber growth, but we also build something in for increased consumption patterns – people are just consuming more and more video,” said Hershaw.

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ADSL problems on MWEB affect all ISPs