Openserve VDSL upload speeds get massive increase

Openserve has more than doubled the maximum upload speeds available on 20Mbps and 40Mbps VDSL products.

Subscribers reported they noticed an increase in upload speed test results, with 20Mbps VDSL subscribers seeing up to 5Mbps uploads.

40Mbps VDSL users experienced upload speeds of up to 10Mbps.

Openserve’s 20Mbps VDSL service previously offered maximum upload speeds of 2Mbps, while 40Mbps VDSL had a maximum upload speed of 3Mbps.


Openserve told MyBroadband it started increasing upload speeds during October 2017.

ISPs previously explained there are cost and technical trade-offs to consider before upgrading DSL upload speeds, along with the asymmetric nature of Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) technology.

GPON uses time division multiplexing to handle upstream signals, resulting in a trade-off between the number of subscribers Openserve can have per line and the upstream bandwidth per subscriber.

If Openserve increased the amount of upstream bandwidth to subscribers, it would decrease the number of subscribers it could serve on the same infrastructure.

Openserve didn’t provide technical details on what enabled it to roll out the upgrades.

“Openserve consistently seeks to improve the user experience on its broadband offerings,” it said.

“Over 70% of the Openserve VDSL base, across all resellers of VDSL services, would have benefitted from increased speeds already.”

Similar speed increases for ADSL subscribers with 1Mbps to 20Mbps lines are not planned, due to the technical limitations on ADSL technology, said Openserve.

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Openserve VDSL upload speeds get massive increase